Sometimes, this place throws you a bone.

Looks like I’ll be studying dark matter here over the summer!



Math professor here at the ‘tute showing off his talents.



Math professor here at the ‘tute showing off his talents.

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Imagine if your follower count turned into money



“As an analogy, suppose Bob is curious to determine whether Alice could join him for dinner at a nice restaurant on the beach. He would likely just phone her and politely ask, “Sweet Alice, are you available for a lovely oceanside dinner?”, as opposed to barging into her apartment, probing through all of her belongings in search of her calendar, and demanding that she join him if she is available. This latter infraction would likely disturb her so much that she would never speak to him again (and what would become of quantum Shannon theory without these two communicating!).”

pupillarysphincters asked: How tired are you?

Right now, not nearly enough.

pupillarysphincters asked: What's your opinion of MIT?

MIT is more than my home: it’s a way of life. MIT is being crushed more often than not, but still waking up the next day to do your very best - and feeling like a champion with an average score on a test. MIT is pushing for 10 hours to finish a ridiculous problem set, and getting three hours of sleep so that you don’t miss that awesome lecture the next morning. On an at least weekly basis, I double-take at the entrance at 77 Mass. Ave, and wonder how I managed to end up in such an astounding place.

To any prospective students in the newly admitted Class of 2018: Congratulations, you’re going to love it here.

Anonymous asked: Ever plan to show how to solve math problems on here? Tips and Tricks?

If you’re interested in any subject in particular that I might know how to tackle, feel free to ask!

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Anonymous asked: Do you think you've changed much since college, particularly this past year? Any regrets? Anything you're particularly proud of?

Yes, quite a bit. I’ve become markedly more social and reckless over the past several months than I did in several years beforehand, and I’m a bit more jaded about academics and general attitude toward my career path (physics is hard, yo) but I’m still sticking with it. Not much I’m particularly proud of yet, but hopefully that’ll change.

Anonymous asked: What kind of books do you read in your free time.

Mostly books about far-reaching science, and works alluding to moral and existential philosophy, but not directly. Those are the most fun and relatable.

Anonymous asked: Do you know any non super sciencey people at MIT? I.e who aren't majoring or minoring in a science/maths ?

I know several people majoring in Economics and managerial sciences, however I’m not sure how strict your definition of a “science” is. Those aren’t quite considered true sciences by those at the Institute. I know more than a handful of people double-majoring in a science and some humanity (music, language, political science, etc.).

Anonymous asked: Are you a nerdfighter?

I suppose so, but I’m not invested enough in the community to really say that I am.

Anonymous asked: Have you ever tried to pick up a hobby that was just not for you?

When I was a kid, I tried sports out, and it just wasn’t for me. Same with playing formal instruments like the trombone and the flute, although I might start to pick up guitar again (or possibly even African drumming, that seems like a really fun extracurricular on campus). In 10th grade, I also tried out environmental activism through my knowledge of science and math, but it wasn’t terribly interesting and wasn’t having any impact.

Anonymous asked: Rain or Snow?

Rain, with a lot of thunder. We had some of that this evening, and it was delightful.